Life Matters

I was ten years old when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973.  I remember how the Catholic Church I attended, St. Jude’s, on Warson Road in St. Louis, Missouri. They spoke, organized, and released its community to celebrate and champion the gift of life.  This 42 year-old life and death core value has only grown in volume and still remains the central public discussion. This irrepressible matter will not go away.

Life is PreciousThe reason sanctity of life is a central issue is because it is near and dear to our Creator God.  (Genesis 1:26-27)  We are made in God’s image.  We are his “image-bearers.”  To attack an unborn child, or any “image-bearer” is to attack the image of the One who created us.  Murder, suicide, domestic abuse, abortion, human-trafficking, assault, and slavery are not just a fatal offense against a person, but against the nature and heart of God.

A follower of Jesus cannot say thank you for grace and then attack the giver of that grace.

It is simple.  We are called to love what God loves and to hate what God hates.  (Psalm 97:10)  As people who are called out of darkness, we speak to those still caught in darkness.  To not speak is to give tacit approval.  So it stands to us, people given life and eternal life,  to pray, defend and cry out for the unborn and oppressed. God is for life.  Ultimately, because God speaks on our behalf when were are helplessly trapped in sin, we are called to those who are helpless, weak, and in deathly danger.

Russell Moore writes in the March 2009 issue of Touchstone magazine:

The so-called culture of death around us now is no different from that of the past. The hostility to human babies is happening exactly the same way. The Prince of the Power of the Air excites evil passions. Satan uses Pharaoh’s lust for military stability that says, “I don’t want another king,” in exactly the same way he uses a Southern Baptist deacon’s lust for maintaining his reputation to get him to load his teenage daughter into a car and drive her under the cover of night to a clinic in a nearby city so no one will ever know she was pregnant. The blood of children flows, but the problem is spiritual to the core.

The evidence of an anti-God culture is found in its fruit of death.  Abortion, human trafficking, drug abuse, slavery, prostitution, and murder all stem from the worship of self rather that the Lord of Life.

As a pastor I believe people know that I consistently value life.  That being said, my voice has been a quiet one.  While I have been consistent in caring for people, I have not been the leader I should be in championing the most important matter to the heart of God:  people!

Please pray for, encourage, and challenge me to use my life for the cause of life.

Should Jesus Followers Be Involved in Politics?

The answer to this timely question is found in Romans 13:1, when, speaking of governmental vocation, “There is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”Religion

God regularly acts directly in human affairs. It is his customary practice to work through us, whether in the home, in the church, or in society.

Followers of Jesus have a humble recognition that their authority has been delegated to them by God.  The Holy Spirit gives a constant awareness that we are called to hold our leaders up in prayer and accountable to the office they hold.

Bryan Fisher, the host of “Focal Point” radio program strongly asserts, “It is unconscionable for Christians to absent themselves from the public arena on the grounds that ‘Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics,’ when the Bible they profess to believe tells them that political power comes exclusively from the very God they worship.”

Secondly, how foolish and illogical to leave the oversight of our public life to those who have no respect for the God who grants them their authority.

Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount, that we are “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world.” Salt was used, in the absence of refrigeration, to arrest the spread of decay. Light to dispel darkness.

When we refuse to engage, and so remove both salt and light, we ought to expect nothing but decay and darkness.

Since lawmakers hold in their hands the very power of God, Christians in truth have much more reason to be concerned about political matters than our secularist friends.