30 Years of Marriage


Some truths about myself I have learned from 30 years of marriage:

  1. Marriage teaches me more about myself than I bargained for.
  2. When people say marriage is hard, it is true.
  3. Never start the day off nagging or complaining.
  4. An unwillingness to quarrel about something doesn’t mean agreement.
  5. Generosity may very well be the key to all happiness.
  6. Most fights point to my immaturity.
  7. Admit my shortcomings early on. They’re obvious anyway.
  8. Express gratitude often.
  9. Being right in not as important as being righteous.
  10. Many of the things I fight hard for turn out not to have been worth the fight.
  11. Be the first to apologize. Really. It’s not as painful as it sounds.
  12. If I want something, I must recognize and accept that it’s my job to ask for it.
  13. Sometimes you’re going to do your unfair share. It’s not worth whining about.
  14. Accept apologies graciously.
  15. The best way to love your kids is to love your spouse more.
  16. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you have all the time in the world.
  17. “In love” pales in comparison to love.
  18. I married “up” – proof of God’s grace!
  19. Every time, every single time, I failed to heed her advice – I have regretted it!
  20. It is my job to be content, not hers or anyone else’s!

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