Playing Chopsticks

Chopsticks 1

A light-hearted blog for Day 14 in China. I thought I would share with you some interesting facts about playing Chopsticks. Okay, perhaps better, playing with your chopsticks.

Mealtime in China, as in most if not all cultures, is an important time. It is a time to bond with family, share our lives, and fuel the body.

Chopsticks 4

Here are some things I have learned not to do when playing with your Chopsticks:

Chopsticks 2

In addition to playing with chopsticks, there are also some ancient beliefs about resting chopsticks.

Chopsticks 3

At a restaurant in Nanjing, China, I accidentally dropped a chopstick on the floor. This caused a reaction of everyone at the table. There is a superstition that the sound a chopstick makes hitting the floor is a call to the dead and can invite bad things to happen. The correct response to this social faux pas (mistake) is to remove the chopstick and to apologize to those joining with you in the meal.Chopsticks 7

I am quite certain I violated a number of the rules mentioned above. I am even more sure that the grace of our hosts “covered a multitude” of these transgressions.

Blessings to my Chinese friends! May we share many more meals to come!

Chopsticks 5Chopsticks 6

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