Welcomed to Shanghai, China!

Greetings from Shanghai!


Bernardine and I are so very overwhelmed to be here. We are “whelmed” in all the right ways. We have received wave upon wave of kindness from the people of China. We are well cared for, well honored, and well fed!

We are thankful to Shanghai Normal University for the privilege of speaking at their conference on career development for high school and college students. The lecture I delivered on Symbiosis and Student Development was well received. The thoughtfulness of this academic community is both humbling and hope-filled!


Conversations around life, faith, and how to honor traditions of the past while casting vision for the future are invigorating! It is obvious the people of China want to honor their 5,000 year legacy while competing in an ever-changing world.

IMG_5164 IMG_5194

This first part of our journey found us actively engaged with the people whom God has placed in our path. Soon, we will be heading to Nanjing—well known for the massacre of 1937. I read a telling book by Xu Zhigeng recounting the horrific tale of deep depravity turned evil.

As we travel, I ask for your prayers for rest, writing, and relationships! Please pray that I continue to find value in resting, creativity in writing, and enjoyment in ever deepening relationships.

2 thoughts on “Welcomed to Shanghai, China!

  1. May His Angels Keep You and Bernadine Safe, Healthy, and open to follow His Path on this Awesome Journey…

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