Taking Delight in what Delights my Children

The smile on the face.  The nod of approval.  The slight smirk  flowing from a job well done.  I take delight in what delights my children!   When  Christian lands a “Flip Kick with an Ollie” my heart skips a beat, When Rachel flawlessly performs on stage, I get a rush.  When Debra bakes and designs a cake, more than just my taste buds do the “happy dance.”

My need to compete is no where to be found.  Any corrective spirit is out of town.  I simply marvel in the moment of  the marvelous.  When my kids delight in themselves, I delight in them!

As I am composing this blog, I am in the Make Up Class at Colorado Mesa University.  I sit in a room with 6 students, including my daughter Rachel.  They are taking famous pieces of art and painting them to their faces.  Rachel is in her element.  She is not only gifted at what she  loves, she loves to use her gifts!  My heart is happy!

“How great is the love of the Father, that we should be called His children.”   (1 John 3:1). Our Abba Father delights when we live in His creativeness!  It is not about winning or perfection.  It is about moving and breathing  as His image-bearers.

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